City of Sharon Curbside Pickup Recycling Program

Next Collection will be on November 28, 2018:

ECS&R and the City of Sharon municipality provide residents with a complimentary monthly curbside pickup recycling service. Recyclables include electronics, household hazardous and universal waste.

For more information and to see the official public and legal notice from the City of Sharon municipality, click here.

Registration for each month is based on total number of participants and may close early based on high volumes.  Pick ups occur throughout the day, therefore, please wait until the following day to call if you are scheduled for a pick up and it has not occurred.

City of Sharon Curbside Pickup Form

Please fill out the form below for items to be picked up on the date listed.
  • Registration is for the November 28, 2018 Pick Up. The registration cut off for this pick up date is Friday October 31, 2018 unless volume requires an earlier cutoff. All items should be placed approximately 20 feet from the edge of the curb. Pick ups will begin as soon as 7:00am and end by 4:00pm. Any materials not out and available during these times will not be picked up.
  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent once the registration process has been completed and submitted.
  • Please provide a brief descriptions of the materials to be picked up. Include size(s) of TVs.
  • Registered residents will receive a collection packet including additional information no later than 1 week prior to the scheduled collection.
  • No containers greater than 5 gallons in size will be accepted.
  • Items outside the supplied collection container will not be picked up.
  • All chemicals must be labeled.
  • All containers with chemicals must be securely sealed and not leaking.
  • One electronic item greater than 50 pounds can be included outside the provided container on a single collection date.
  • All items must be visible from the road on which the property is addressed.

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