We assist our clients (industrial, commercial, residential) in meeting and abiding environmental, health and safety regulations and practices.

Our services range from consulting and training to waste management. We train your employees in safety and environmental compliance. We design and implement environmental health and safety programs. We assist in record keeping and managing these programs. When it comes to waste management we assist with program design and implementation as well as disposal. Waste programs are for household waste, universal wastes/electronic waste, hazardous waste, residual waste, etc. Waste management services range from program design, implementation and management to materials handling such as pumping, packaging and hauling.

aboutimgECS&R also specializes in industrial cleaning: tank cleaning, pit cleaning, equipment cleaning, etc. These services range from general industry to the energy industry such as oil and gas development.

E-waste: ECS&R operates a fully permitted electronics de-manufacturing facility (ReCom) with R2 certification. (ReCom was the first R2 Certified facility in Pennsylvania.) Utilizing our recycling facility ensures that your tv’s, computers and other electronic devices are broken down into individual recyclable components. All hard drives are shredded for destruction of confidential data, protecting our clients from liabilities associated with improper recycling. We operate 40 hour per week drop off sites as well as perform specific one day collection events.

ECS&R has been fortunate in the current economic environment and has continued to generate growth. ECS&R continues to grow our portfolio of services. We have recently added worker exposure assessments and environmental sampling of wastes, wastewaters, drinking waters and soils to our list of services.

ECS&R has been servicing our customer’s needs for over 25 years. What started as one man’s vision, sitting at a desk he constructed in his garage (out of an old door and two scrap drums) has grown to a company with 5 locations serving 4 states and employing over 80 people, and growing.