ECS&R | An Environmental Health, Safety and Recycling Service Provider

Servicing Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and West Virginia from our Butler, Cochranton, Erie and North Versailles locations.

For over 25 years, ECS&R has been providing environmental health, safety, and recycling services to the commercial, academic, and residential sectors. Our primary focus is assisting our clients and communities in meeting and abiding by environmental health and safety regulations and practices.

Environmental Health, Safety and Recycling

Recycling Center Drop Offs & Recycling Collection Events

We are always reassessing and improving our Recycling Services to ensure a better tomorrow. Recycling centers in Butler, Cochranton, and Erie are open to the residential and commercial sectors for drop offs.  In addition, we host and coordinate recycling collection events in partnership with 90+ municipalities across Pennsylvania.

ECS&R operates a fully permitted electronics de-manufacturing facility (ReCom) with R2 certification. ReCom was the first R2 Certified facility in Pennsylvania. Utilizing our recycling centers ensures that your tv’s, computers and other electronic devices are broken down into individual recyclable components. All hard drives are shredded for destruction of confidential data, protecting our clients from liabilities associated with improper recycling.

In addition, we properly dispose and recycle universal waste such as batteries and bulbs and household hazardous waste such as paint and cleaning products.

When you choose ECS&R, you can rest assured that your materials are being properly recycled and disposed which is not the case with many companies. For more information on the electronics recycling epidemic in America, click to read this article by VICE.

Hazardous Waste Management

When it comes to hazardous waste management we assist with program design and implementation as well as disposal. Waste programs are for household hazardous waste, universal waste, electronic waste, hazardous waste, residual waste, etc. Waste management services range from program design, implementation and management to materials handling such as pumping, packaging and hauling.

Emergency Spill Response

Respond 24/7 to emergency spills with trained professional personnel. No response is too big or small for ECS&R. Call our hotline at 866-815-0016.

Environmental Health & Safety Training & Consulting

Our Environmental Health and Safety Consulting and Training Team will train your employees in safety and environmental compliance. We specialize in designing and implementing environmental health and safety programs in any working environment.

Industrial Cleaning

We take care of the dirty work so that your facility can focus on doing what you do best. We specialize in tank cleaning, pit cleaning, equipment cleaning, etc. Our industrial cleaning services range from general industry to the energy industry such as oil and gas development.

Environmental Health, Safety, and Recycling Programs & Services

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